Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Week 2: God is present in York!

This past Sunday, I was in a confused state wondering what to do about church since I didn't know any Christians in York yet...but by the grace of God, Kathleen from Hope Springs Conference called me up and took me to church! It was my first experience in a Pentecostal church: Elim Pentecostal near Hull Road. It was a small church held in a secondary school auditorium, so it was similar to CGBC. There were families, elderly, middle aged, and college students. I was so glad that the worship band played familiar songs and that I met two really awesome Uni of York students. I met Nina, who's from FINLAND (!!), and Louise from Manchester. Louise is even on my course and had a third year module with me! We're meeting up for our first lecture of that class Friday so I'm excited :) After church, Kathleen, who's a sweet old lady, took me to the only chinese restaurant that does dim sum around York, in a nearby town called Poppleton. We were sooo hungry that I wasn't sure if the food was that great, but it tasted wonderful at the moment! We had Lor Bak Go, Cha Siu Bao, Ha Cherng Fun, Lor Mai Gai, and Ja Yau Yu. Deeeelicious. The craziest thing...I saw an abandoned bubble tea cup outside of the restaurant and nearly died. If there's one in York...I need to do my resesarch PRONTO!

Tuesday, I was able to check out my first Christian Union meeting! How Christian campus clubs work here, is that there's only ONE Christian Union for the university, but each of the 8 colleges have their own CU that takes place weekly. This is where you get small groups and more intimate time with others for fellowship. I, along with a group of fresher's went to their first bible study meeting where we broke off into small groups and chatted over chocolate. After, we went to a nearby pub, the Deramore for some drinks and chat. I'm still not used to the drinking culture here, but I did take a recommendation to try a Rekorderlig pear cider! It was delicioussss and the British find it very funny that apple cider in America has no alcohol haha. Overall, it was very refreshing to be surrounded by a friendly group of Christians that live so close to me! The CU puts a emphasis on evangelism, equipping us for conversations about Jesus with other students, and just helping us overcome the fear to talk about God freely with housemates. THIS is something I really need practice so it's perfect!! I'm excited to see what's in store for weekly small group meetings, and we'll be studying Luke. 

The housemates and I are getting geared up for Halloween with costume making and egging the boys in the house to do the same :) So far, the girls have decided to go Disney! We'll have a Tinkerbell, Alice, Peter Pan, and me as Pocahontas! The girls and I have been going to the city centre for cafe lunches, costume bits hunting, and just errand shopping. 

 The Girls: Sabrina, Emma, Marieke, and I
 Sabrina and I

One of the oldest streets of York, The Shambles! Supposedly it's a inspiration to Harry Potter's Diagon Alley!! HOW AMAZING and looks just like it! Really cute souveneir shops and just little gems of stores

Weather update: Huge gusts of wind blowing me back home when I need to get to lectures...sudden little outbursts of rain, sunshine but cold. BUT it looks beautiful as the leaves are changing colors.

I really need a warm winter coat and boots to prepare me for....SNOW in the winter!! ahhhh we're predicting some snowfall!

Continue to pray for patience and boldness in my faith as I stretch out to CU and the campus. Also, for diligence in my studies.

Cheers xxx

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