Saturday, 13 October 2012

A house becomes a Home

I'm getting a lot closer to my housemates as Fresher's Week is over and we head into the weekend before Week 2. Even my room is looking and feeling more homely with new posters and pictures up! HOUSE A FOREVAA.

Us housemates went to check out the Fresher's Fair today and signed up for societies (clubs). I checked out the Christian Union and BioSoc. Some of the more unique clubs were the HP Muggle Soc and Medieval Soc. One of the more bizarre ones was Fetish Soc, where they teach you how to safely do bondage, etc...yikes. 

After the fair, Marieke, Noami (a French student from House C) and I decided to go into the city centre for the rest of the day! Noami left early, so Marieke and I went to get some groceries and buy lots of things we needed for school and the house. 

York Minster

River Ouse

We went to a tea room/cafe for lunch, and the coolest thing was that it's on the floor above an antique shop! I had a chicken tikka, mango chutney panini and cappuchino. Marieke had the jacket potato with coleslaw and a tea. We also shared a victoria sponge cake slice. SO delicious and we just sat there for an hour talking. 

Later for dinner, we were invited to House D (home of quite a few French students) for crepe making! Sabrina, Marieke and I went from our house to enjoy lovely crepes. We had a cheese, ham, and egg crepe, then a nutella, lemon, and sugar sweet crepe. It was a full house with many international students from all over the place! We had a German, Dutch, Greek, Americans, Chinese, Brazilian, Swiss, Spanish, and English students. We spent a lot of time planning different ethnic and cultural dinners each house can put on so everyone can enjoy special foods from all over the place! It was a great bonding experience and just really made me appreciate culture so much more. In UCI, I'm not around many international students at all or even back in Alhambra. I love the diversity and we even talked about teaching each other our home languages!

Things I learned that night:

-Americans love apple and cheese, apple pie with cheddar?!
-Europe does not celebrate Halloween, but the UK is starting to follow the American trend, and slowly everyone else is
-In Switzerland, they speak French, Swiss German, Italian, and Romansh (a native dialect, not as many speakers)
-The french and most places pronounce crepes as CREPS/CRAPS not CRAPES (american thing...-__-)
-American english is lazy.
-There is a super amazing, traditional way of having tea that Tao/Greg showed us and we indulged in an upscale form of oolong tea 

It is troubling when Americans describe Thanksgiving with the phrases, finally free from English rule (in ENGLAND) and before we killed all the Native Americans. -_____- (in front of innocent int'l students)

Oh! I'll be checking out my first church here in York, a pentecostal one, tomorrow! So updates on that later!

Well dining with crepes and fine wine/tea opened all our eyes I must say! I love this place! Thanking God each day for blessing me with this opportunity

Cheers xxx

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