Tuesday, 9 October 2012

And Fresher's Week Begins!

A plus side to studying in the UK is getting to experience fresher's week all over again as a third year: Europe Style. I met another one of my housemates, we call him Ali O (English). Apparently there's a mysterious Scottish guy on my floor I have yet to meet, but he's moved in.

After attending endless talks in Central Hall, this starship of a building, I had a little shopping with some of my housemates and Brandon. Brandon lives in the building next to us and he's American too! He's from the east coast so he's more use to cold weather than us sun lovers from SoCal. We took the bus and walked what seemed like forever to Morrison's, one of the more affordable supermarkets for us poor college students.

First time I went shopping with the housemates for drinks for a house party we were apparently hosting that night! Yep, we're definitely in EUROPE! So many randomers squashed into our tiny kitchen with us for the ring of fire drinking game and just to socialize before a Halifax Smurf Clubbing event that night! First official drinking night for me, but drank nearly 1/4 of a beer bottle while watching the game! Whooooo party animal I know, but hey, they know I'm taking it easy as I'm still in the US-21 to be legal mode hahah. A bit shocked because I/ve never seen/been around so much alcohol at once.  They find it really funny the US is so late for that. Definitely just taking baby steps to get use to the crazy party culture here, even here at York.

I went to my introductory meeting with for my course in my parent department: Biology. Parent, just because I'll be taking some Physics modules as well. The administrators are really friendly and helpful, and met other visiting/erasmus students in my course. Got on well with another fellow American student from Wisconsin, Carissa! We have to use our uni student ID cards to swipe access into a lot of the biology department rooms. How exclusive is that?? We also have a 24 hour accessible computer lab exclusive to biology students as well. I love this place already! I'll be taking third year (final year for the UK) modules as well, which is kind of daunting just because the course load is equivalent to a POST-GRAD. Wowee, I'm going to have to work really hard, especially for those third year modules! Had an little tour around the department, but I know it's going to be really different...I can already tell by the lecture hall sizes!

I also stopped by the Christian Union booth who were just handing out teas and chatting with new students! They were really friendly and I'm planning to go to their Wednesday Jazz and Pudding Night! How awesome does that sound?? Weird thing, I think that the Christian Union is so big that each of the 8 colleges have their own Christian Union meetings. CRAZY. Excited about that!

Weather update: Foggy and very cool air. 11 C/51 F yeaaaah, not in SoCal at all, and it's autumn here! Beautiful color changes of the leaves and you experience all seasons here! Winter is just around the corner though...Ali O said it snowed almost to waist level his first year. WOW. Let's see what this year has in store for this California girl.

On another note, did I mention I'm scared of using the shower meant for all 10 of us in the house? I'm going to have to brave it sometime today...at least I tried the communal water kettle downstairs since I was dying for some tea. 

Cheers! xxx

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