Saturday, 13 October 2012

Timetabling and a Cow Spleen

SO amazed that I'm able to spend a whole year in this beautiful city and alluring campus. The students here are very bright and diverse.  

However, it hasn't been smooth sailing as a visiting student. Unlike in the US, here in the UK each year of your uni life is set in stone for each student. You come in under a department and follow a stringent structure. Coming from UCI, I had in mind to take 2nd and 3rd year modules (classes) and cut across departments: Biology and Physics. But no, York had a different situation for me in mind, so I ended up having 120 credits in just Biology, mostly 2nd year modules, and a research project. God really works in mysterious ways as this allows me to partake in biological research under a great York professor I have yet to figure out who that is. My timetable for the year looks like this!

Autumn- Immunology, Neuroscience, Evolutionary and Population Genetics, Cancer and the Cell Cycle, Research Skills and Tutorials (runs all year)
Spring- Human Genetics, Developmental Biology, Biomedicine
Summer- Research Skills for Visiting Students (research with a professor including a 3,000 abstract to complete)

Lectures were full of exciting and heavy material for the starting week! Our immunology professor cut up a cow spleen for us at the end of lecture so we could see how rich it was in blood, and were even lucky to see some blood vessels! THAT was fun.

I'm unbelieveable ecstatic that my timetable is now sorted out and I can put the gear into full drive forward for an amazing year.

Cheers xxx

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