Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Day 1: Moving in!

IT HAS COME. This is the day I start my life officially, at the University of York! I quickly shuffle on over to my new home for the next year, Halifax College. Halifax is the youngest and largest college out of the eight in the university! It is also the furthest from campus...thankfully that just means a 10-15 minute walk to the main campus. Most conveniently placed, there's a shuttle stop right out the door that takes students all around campus. WOO! I'll live in a small, 3-story house along with 9 other students. We have a kitchen, 2 toilets, 1 shower, and 1 bath to share between the TEN of us. Wowwwee. I'm also on the 2nd floor, which is what I would have called the 3rd floor in the US. There's the ground floor with the kitchen, Graeme (British), and Marieke (int'l-Holland). On the 1st floor so far, only Sabrina (int'l-German) has moved in. On my floor, there's Emma from Manchester across from me, and Naoyuki (int'l-Japan) that have moved in as well. It has just been mostly international students moving in today so we'll probably get the rest of our housemates moving in next week!

Did I mention I have my own room?? SO exciting because I shared a room my past two years of University! No doubt that has been an amazing experience (love ya michelle!), but it'll be really interesting having my own room! Everything was looking great in the room, except my sink was plugged and not draining -__- yakk. 

Later on, I just had one event for the evening, a Halifax welcome to international students in the common lounge of the college! There were about 40 students, and not all showed up either! At the start, they served a choice of red wine, white wine, or coca-cola. Obviously, I wasn't in the US hahah. I opted for a cola then went off to mingle! I met Carly (US), Yerin (China), and Lucas (Brazil) before we broke off into our respective courts! Later on, I met a few of the guys in our court over pizza and drinks. There's Edouard (France), Greg (China), and Simon (English). They were really friendly and we bonded well! Edouard got me to try some red wine, which I only took a couple sips before he helped me finish it. We all played a few rounds of ping pong (which was hard for us all to keep the ball up for longer than a volley...) and then played pool with Simon before leaving. 

Headed back to my room and called it a night! It was a great day for starts and am just excited for the coming year!

Cheers! xxx

p.s. going to end each post with the final greeting because it's the english thing to do (cheers means everything from goodbye, thanks, oh right, anything basically hahah. xxx is literally kisses, but is just an affectionate way to end messages. hey i'm learning! :)

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