Saturday, 13 October 2012

Night Life

I'm beginning to feel a genuine thankfulness and attachment to life at York. I've had an amazing Fresher's week, thanks to amazing housemates and friends that watch out for each other during crazy nights out in town. I don't need to drink much to have a good time with good people, and to hear about bizarre stories of nights out gone wild!

For those who have a predisposed idea of British bar crawls/club nights out, I can add my opinion! Although I don't drink much, I can enjoy a good nights out with good people dancing into the night. However, there are those crazy locals you need to watch out for like those that:
1. get into drunken fist-fights that can end up bloody (we witnessed one!!)
2. toss their knickers to the live band, live band throws them to the audience, lady goes to snatch her knickers back from the unlucky person, and continues to throw them around (ludicrous.)
The university students that go out can get quite rowdy and drunk, but if you don't get in their way or give them attention, you're fine!

Cheers xxx

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