Thursday, 20 December 2012

Jumping Jellybeans We're in Jaipur!

December 20, Day 3: Agra and Jaipur

Woke up around 6:15am today and had a toast, Puri bread, orange jelly I didn’t try, a spicy macaroni dish, and some curry sauce. After, we set off to another fort in Agra where we had to take off our shoes to go in! We bought postcards here. This fort was special because it had a prayer/tomb area where the King was granted three wishes by Salem and his wife finally bore a son after being barren. There was more filigree designs and people were very reverent when receiving a blessing. 

We had lunch at Rainbow City, where we tried South Indian Dosas. It’s a big crepe-like dish filled with potato and I had the onion marsala flavored one. I also had the mango lassi which is delicious! A famous Indian dessert delicacy is the Golab Jamun, which is a very sweet donut ball which has some paste inside, and in sitting in syrup.
 I wasn't a big fan because it is very sweet!

We then had to drive for another 3 hours at least before we got to the third fort of the trip in the Pink City, Jaipur. A 14-yr old recently became king which is crazy! We saw some really cool weaponry and bejeweled scabbers. We saw different clothing of the royalty and one of the kings out of the 14 kings was really fat, 4 feet wide!!! We took a picture with a Christmas tree with the King’s guards, and saw a traditional Indian puppet show! 

Also, there was a snake charmer who had two cobras in his basket to charm. Arveen and I were invited to go sit next to the snake charmer while he charmed the snakes. WE DID NOT however accept the offer to hold them. They instantly went in to bite repeatedly at the charmer when he finishes charming them. However, they were defanged. Later when the snake came out under the basket it made a HUGE poop which was green and white…we were very surprised it could poop. 

We got henna from a not so nice lady, but it didn’t show up TOO well after we peeled off the dried up henna outer layer

Buland Darwaza, Great Gate of Agra

Holy Area for Prayer

Later, after the tour with the stylish tour guide, I really had to use the bathroom because my stomach was hurting…so I went to the public bathroom there…let's just say it was a nightmare with no tissue. We went to a few shops outside and bought more elephant figurines, tea lights, turtles, postcards, and bangles. We also went to have dinner at a very fancy place near our really nice hotel in Jaipur. It was outdoors and had live traditional Indian dancing and entertainment. The female dancer picked Kim and I to go up on stage to dance with her and another audience member.  We were dancing in the circle so it wasn’t as embarrassing but still we were really bad compared to her! She seemed to like us and we even asked her for a picture with us, her name is Indira. We came home and no wifi, hot water, and discovered a broken flush for such a nice hotel! 

Oh well, when in India! :) 

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