Wednesday, 26 December 2012

So You Want to be a Doctor?

December 26, Day 9: Day after Christmas, Cancelled first day of camp!

 We were supposed to start camp today but there was some miscommunication and the Lion's Club (the association we partner with for the camp) were busy with another event at the same time. Our doctors, including Dr. Shah and all of us were pretty disappointed with the lack of communication and organization, but it was a lesson not everything goes the way we want it to in these situations. However we had breakfast in the morning where we met Dr. Shah, his fiancé, and Dr. Parekh.

Today we tried to take a public bus to go Go Karting, but it took so long, more than an hour, that we ended up taking rickshaws. We saw some cows crossing the street, and all the cars must make way for them! Go Karting was fun as well even if I did come in last and did a lap by myself after hahah! To my defense, I got stopped twice by the people for stepping on acceleration and brakes at the same time, then my bag was flying out of the kart. Afterwards, we chilled for a bit in our hotel room before we listened to a presentation by Dr. Shah about anesthesiology! It was pretty interesting although he didn’t want to be a doctor initially.He wanted us to make sure WE KNEW why we want to be a doctor and that we better have a good reason for it. So many people can try to go into the doctor business without thinking it through clearly and not knowing it isn't their true passion. It takes commitment, the right mind, and heart for the job. I won’t forget what he said about experiencing the death of a patient on your table, about how it opens your eyes and makes what you do a reality, so be ready for it. It’s a lot about your attitude and knowing what area you want to specialize in as well. 
After that shortly, we went out for dinner at a very fancy Indian restaurant we had to drive to, and then we met Dr. Padma and her grandson Samat. Dr. Padma is a surgeon from Bangalore who will be assisting us at the camp. Arveen, Kim, and I shared a Biryani Rice, Delhi Papdi Chaat (like Gol Gappay), and a Penne Arabiatta (Spicy Italian pasta). They were all delicious, including our lassi. Best of all though, was this crazy cool dessert brownie sundae we all shared! It was a brownie with ice cream on top and then the waiter pours fudge over it onto a hot plate where it sizzled into a sticky honey like substance which was delicious!!! Phew what a mouthful!

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