Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Eve, then Shub Krismas from Bangalore!!

December 24, Day 7: Bangalore Arrival and Christmas Eve

 Can you believe Kim and I didn’t sleep until about 3:20am probably and we had to get up at 4am to catch our domestic flight to Bangalore on SpiceJet Airlines? We were hoping so badly that our flight would be cancelled and we’d have to stay in Delhi for Christmas and Christmas Eve. However, the fog got so bad that our flight really did get cancelled but only until 12:15pm that day. Basically, we drove back to ThaiG’s house, we ran and jumped into bed until 10am. We had one more spicy breakfast corn maki that still managed to upset my stomach a little even though I shared with Kim. We used butter on it and ate bananas too. Well we eventually said our goodbyes and then ended up standing in a line for a long time to catch our delayed flight at 1:15pm. We had to wait to catch the coaches to our actual plane. 

After the long flight, we reached Bangalore and it was sunny! It was actually quite warm but a nice warm with the sun shining bright and mostly clear skies/air. We had to wait a while because the two hotel people who were supposed to pick us up did not even try to find us or something until we finally got to them! 

Our ride was about an hour and an half from the airport and Bangalore looked amazing like we weren’t even in India! It’s the Silicon Valley of India supposedly which looked like it. It wasn’t until we got further into the city where we saw poor areas, crowded places, and just dirt everywhere. It smells quite bad as well.

We checked in into our 16 Squares Hotel and it’s not bad! The wifi isn’t bad, the shower is good, and the room is pretty fancy! Ending with a random observation, there are a lot of toll roads and checkpoints here to stop suspicious people. 

December 25, Day 8: Christmas in Bangalore!


Today, we got up early to get breakfast which was toast and butter really. We’re not really supposed to eat the fruits or drink the milk, dairy is risky here. Akash, Kim, and I played Christmas songs and just hung out in the room for a while (watched bits of Up and Transformers and music videos). After that, we all minus Arveen and Siva, went to explore the area a bit by going to the grocery store and department store. We helped Akash pick out a pair of nice shoes and got snacks for our Christmas stay in later that night. 

We went to pizza hut for lunch and the service was so amazing! It’s a lot cheaper to get drinks and things so most of us got mocktails and the spicy veggie pizza was really good! You get to ring a bell afterwards to say if you enjoyed yourself at pizza hut. I rang it and almost didn’t know how until the lady helped me, so embarrassing! 

Our hotel was right next to a little water canal that looked more like a sewage area...you can imagine the stink.

The streets outside are really cobbly and the area is just quite smelly L We returned back to our rooms to chill out for a bit before going out with Arveen and Siva to Forum Mall. We took Rickshaws (little Indian taxis) there and back which was really exciting! Three little children wanted to shake my hand and wish me a Merry Christmas like I was a celebrity or something before the ride! They were so adorable and friendly. 

At the forum mall, we got ice cream in waffle cone and then we ran to the crowd that was being entertained by something. It ended up being some crowd game and Akash got the right answer so we all went to the front to talk to the guy in charge. In front of everyone, he wanted us to sing a Christmas carol so I had to take the mike to sing The Christmas Song, or just part of it. Kim and Siva sang a little but so softly! It was terrifying but it got us all stamps for Christmas activities indoors which we also didn’t do! 

We did play a bit in the Apple store with their photobooth :)

Later, we went to Chutney Noodles for dinner and had Indian food. They served us so well like the Pizza hut people, they wait on you to serve you food. 

We came back to watch the Michael Bublé
Christmas special which was amazing but so short! Overall, it was a nice Christmas in India. 

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