Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ghost Hunting

 York prides itself on being one of the most, if not the most, haunted cities in the United Kingdom. One of the must dos in York, are its famous nightly ghost tours. Some of my housemates and I decided to take the challenge on going on one of the hunts, which was an experience! 

The tour we chose to go on is on EVERY night, except on Christmas Day, how crazy is that? It was very cold and windy on the night we went as well, (sounds like a scary story already!) A creepy gentlemen meets you at The Shambles, you pay £5 and you are taken on a tour of part of the city while he makes stops sporadically to tell you a spine-chilling tale of the night. Ok, it wasn't that scary, but most of the stories involved little children dying in some horrible way which definitely is creepy. He picked a lot on one of our housemates Graeme mostly because he's very tall and easy to pick on haha. 

Us and the guide, Dan

fish and chips dinner!

Overall, we got a good laugh out of the hunt, not so much the scare, but walking around in York at night is a scare in itself! 

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